Robertson Title Services, LLC serves Central Alabama through our highly experienced and trained title examiners and abstractors. We provide retrieval of any real estate/property record documents from county Official Records when applicable to include, but not limited to the following; Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Assignment, Satisfaction/Release, Deed, Modification Agreement, UCC, etc.


In addition, Robertson Title Services, LLC, when requested, will deliver original real estate/property record documents (Mortgage, assignment, release, etc.) directly to County Recorder for immediate recording.  We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible turnaround times along with outstanding customer relations and service. Our focus is to provide professional and specialized services to our clients’ in a most expedient and cost effective manner, while maintaining the highest level of customer support possible.


To request a title search, inquire about rates, or for more information about how Robertson Title Services, LLC can help you, please contact us.